jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

A reading comprehension activity

Before reading the text search for some vocabulary words and add the words that you can not understand in it/ antes de leer el texto busca algunas palabras de vocabulario y agrega aquellas que no entiendes.

  1. Crept:
  2. Thin:
  3. Basket:
  4. Hole:
  5. Corn:

This activity consists in read a short story and then try to answer the following questions. / La actividad consiste en leer una pequeña historia y responder las siguientes preguntas .

The Hungry Mouse

A mouse was having a very bad time. She could find no food at all. She looked here and there, but there was no food, and she grew very thin. At last the mouse found a basket, full of corn. There was a small hole in the basket, and she crept in. She could just get through the hole. Then she began to eat the corn. Being very hungry, she ate a great deal, and went on eating and eating. She had grown very fat before she felt that she had had enough.When the mouse tried to climb out of the basket, she could not. She was too fat to pass through the hole." How shall I climb out?" said the mouse. "oh, how shall I climb out?"Just then a rat came along, and he heard the mouse."Mouse," said the rat, "if you want to climb out of the basket, you must wait till you have grown as thin as you were when you went in."

The story is from: http://www.kidsgen.com/short_stories/

Answer the following questions /Responde las siguientes preguntas

  1. Why did the mouse grow very thin? / ¿Por qué la ratona creció muy delgada?
  2. Where did she find the corn? / ¿Dónde encontró el maíz?
  3. Why could not she climb out of the basket? / ¿Por qué no pudo salir de la cesta?
  4. What was the advice that the rat give to her? / ¿Cúal fue el consejo de la rata?